Evershot station is based on an actual location but with a ”what if” scenario!


              Rare Photo of Evershot Station circa. 1940


I was brought up by my Grandparents, my Grandfather being a signalman at Evershot, and lived in the house from where the above photo was taken.

As a youngster I lived and dreamed railways, hence my modeling of the railways !


The station is located on the  Yeovil to Weymouth main line but was approximately 3 miles from Evershot village.





My layout copies the original station but imagines that there was a short single branch line to Evershot village, hence the renaming to Evershot Junction.

This was very much a GWR line and is set at the end of Steam / beginning of Diesel  period.

The station had two refuge sidings, (one up & one down), a bay platform, (commandeered for the branch line), a loading ramp for vehicles, a cattle dock, a goods loading shed and extra sidings for local pick-up  freight.

As the station was at the top of a quite steep incline at 50:1, down trains were often banked from Yetminster to Evershot giving even more operational scope, with a single track engine shed and a small diesel  refuelling site.


      Diagram taken from Evershot signal box (modified)


The layout uses code 100 Peco track and points are operated using DCC Concepts Cobalt series motors and decoders. It is a full DCC system controlled by computer program. Although the system is capable of running the layout fully automatically, I prefer to control my own locos and points, so I use on screen throttles the same as hand held devices. Most of the locos have sound and coaches and diesels have lights. Also the scenery, station, yard, signal box etc. are also lit. The signals are Dapol lower quadrant and of course are linked to both points and route settings.



My Grandparents and myself on an outing together.





Livestock awaiting loading.




The diesel rail-car waits in the bay for the last stopping passenger connection.



Trains are run to an actual timetable which was available for the period modelled, and rolling stock is largely prototypical, with a bit of  “modellers  license”  thrown in on occasions !

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Contributed by:

Terry Vincent